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Welcome to my site. I'm Diane Spencer, a talent acquisition leader with experience in both corporate and agency recruiting.  Most recently, I handle the recruiting for Vale Group (Vulcan), overseeing the various portfolio’s talent acquisition programs.  However, I do this part-time and we are often fully staffed.  Because of this I do take on additional companies corporate recruiting responsibilities.

I'm passionate about corporate recruiting.  I know that not all companies have a recruiting plan or a skilled recruiter.  Having someone who dedicates themselves to your company and shares your vision has many advantages.  You can trust that the recruiting is taken care of, so you can concentrate on other aspects.

An hourly corporate recruiter who can be engaged or benched quickly is more efficient and cost-effective than the traditional agency model.  Having a plug-and-play resource who can adapt and start working accomplishes hiring goals faster.  It is immensely helpful to have someone who cares about the company and its objectives as an employee would. I lead and design strategies, and I am happy to return to my roots of being a full-desk recruiter. 


Next Steps… To have a conversation and learn if I am the right decision for your interests, the best way is to connect on LinkedIn.  Because of spam, I removed my contact information from my site.  I am happy to have a conversation and see if I am the right fit.

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