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How Can We Fix Your Talent Acquisition Pain?

How Can We Fix Your Talent Acquisition Pain?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing 

Traditional third party modeling to have us recruit on your open roles.

Have a Talent Partner consultants to create a strategy to solve your recruiting pains

Hire an hourly associate; fast and affordable

Find critical leadership who have the right culture fit, and perfect skills

What Our Partners Say

"I've worked very closely with Diane during my time at Natus Medical and she's been an incredible partner and asset in assisting us with finding specialized talent, especially in the areas related to Engineering, Quality and Regulatory. She's been one of my primary "go to" recruiters who I know I can depend on 100%. She has excellent communication skills and works extremely hard in cultivating her relationships while helping our organization find the "purple squirrel". She's well connected and her candidates respect her honesty, follow-through and high level of integrity. It's been a pleasure and joy to work with her over the past year and I will continue using her services for many years to come!" - Connie, Medical Device Company

"Diane Spencer and her team came highly recommended to our firm from several sources. We had tried using various other third-party recruiting solutions in the past, with fairly disappointing results. Most seem to operate under a "high volume, low quality" model, which does NOT work for our business (we need the exact opposite!), so we were extremely hesitant to give an outsourced solution another try. But here we are a year later and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. Offloading our recruiting functions to Diane and her team has freed up our HR/operations staff to focus on other critical business priorities. The turnover and business cycles it's saved us are immeasurable. Not only is she one of the most seasoned, networked and skilled recruiters in the industry, but her pricing model is reasonable. And most importantly to us, she makes a great impression to candidates on behalf of our business - In today's hot job market, this is everything. Just last week, I reviewed the recent responses from our Employee Experience Survey, and the feedback on the recruiting aspect of our business was positively glowing. Thank you Diane and the My Talent Partners team!" - Melody, Microsoft Consulting

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My Talent Partner's consulting team helps organizations of all sizes build recruitment processes and strategies.  My Talent Partners builds custom plans and advises teams on strategic talent and recruiting issues.   

We have consultants who have built entire recruiting programs for Fortune 100 companies.  In today's competitive work environment, capturing recruitment strategies is crucial.  

Traditional Support

What makes My Talent Partners different?  It is simple, we believe the agency model is broken.  My Talent Partners does not believe in "throwing spaghetti on the wall" mentality.  What My Talent Partners does believe in is quality, communication, speed, and results.  If you are hiring we act as a corporate partner, finding what works for you, on your company timeline.  We love to help fix staffing shortages, and do contract, or direct hire.

We recruit globally, and have a great team to ramp up fast, and scale to your company demands.

Quick Help for Office Support

Need office support?  My Talent Partners has your back!  Hire office support positions fast and at a reasonable rate.  Fill out the form and have someone start in as soon as 48 hours.   Direct Hire only, flat fee of $3,500.00 for hourly office roles under $28.00 per hour.

Young Professional
RPO Help

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is where an employer transfers recruitment process to My Talent Partners.  This model makes sense for companies with a large amount of talent needed.  My Talent Partners will fill your open requisitions, and produce an exit strategy to leave the company in a successful situation. 

Executive Search

Finding the right leadership talent is crucial.   Leadership not only needs to have top technical skills, they need to have the right vision and culture to make companies flourish.   Executive talent has a much smaller pool to work with, and because the technical skills are there, the culture might not be.  My Talent Partners understands these roles are critical to success.  We have the skill and talent to find the right fit for your organization.

Curious to learn more?  We would love to connect today or in the near future. 


Examples of what we would like to know:  How many roles, what's your time frame, job titles, estimated start date, would you like us to write a job description or how we can best help you?  This will come across as an email to our office to avoid spam.  Your information is completely confidential.

We generally will reach out within an hour or sooner during standard business hours (pacific time).

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